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Open Weekends only  July 12th – August 3rd 2014
10am – 6pm Rain or Shine

The BlackRock Medieval Fest is a dramatic recreation of a Medieval village at festival time. It is a Medieval styled theme park, a 5-­‐stage performance venue, a 30+ acre interactive/environmental theatre, an arts and crafts market, a Jousting Tournament, a food court with pubs, all rolled into one non-­‐stop, day-­‐long, adventure!

Won the Best New Event in the 9th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards for our 2nd year (2013), This year will be our third, please join us for the new and exciting twists that are bound to happen this year!

Awarded 2nd in Best New Event category in the 8th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards for our inaugural year (2012)

Now accepting Merchant Applications for 2014 and Entertainment Proposals for 2014

Step back in time and enjoy local and national non-stop entertainment on five stages with over 70 merchants in an artisan market full of unique and handcrafted goods for your shopping pleasure. Eat, drynk, and be merry as you stroll through our beautifully wooded village in Augusta,  MI.

It’s a feast for the senses!

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